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Our Story

Blending passions for beekeeping, woodworking, and honey, PolliNate's HoneyWorks strives to bring our customers a variety of custom wood items and unique honey themed gift options.  

PolliNate's HoneyWorks was born with a dream of turning hobby beekeeping into a full-time career with an appreciation for nature, quality craftsmanship, and a strong work ethic.  I'm the "Nate" behind PolliNate's and decided to combine my love of beekeeping and creating with my entrepreneurial ambition to build a legacy. 

Our small family operation is located in Belmont, Ohio where I manage my growing apiary featuring both Langstroth hives and the more natural, but not as well-known, Warre hives.  In addition, my wife, Nikki, and I do local swarm removals and cut-outs in our surrounding communities  All honey sold is from our own apiary.  Our honey is not pasteurized and is sold raw and unfiltered to maintain its natural integrity and benefits.  We take pride in selling only our best.  Due to this fact, quantities can be limited.  

PolliNate's HoneyWorks offers custom woodworks and unique honey-filled gift sets.  Just as golden as honey, the golden rule applies as a top priority and value in our business.  We strive to to deliver quality products and service to our customers.

Thanks for stopping by and check back often for new products and limited honey listings.